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Hope Showing Through Her

Dear Prairie River Camp Partners,

Summer camps are fast approaching and we are praying that the Holy Spirit does a great work. Last year one of the cabin leaders shared:

“This week I was able to connect with a group of really broken hearted girls who all came from troubled situations both at home and in their communities. However, throughout the week I was able to hear some of their stories and earn some trust and respect with them. On the last night we asked our girls to close their eyes and raise their hand if they wanted to receive Jesus. Afterwards, one girl who didn’t raise her hand smiled at me and asked if we could do it again. She then responded by raising her hand and my heart fluttered with joy from the pureness in her eyes and the hope showing through her. She was truly growing. I am so blessed to have been a leader for this young lady and all my other girls. I have so much love for them.”

Please pray for this summer’s camp ministry.

Reaching youth,

Greg Gudal

Executive Director


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