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Summer: Full Speed Ahead

Dear friends of Youth for Christ,

As the school year closes, and kids will be without the “routine” of the school schedule; we see it as a time of great opportunity. There are whole weeks of camp, along with several special events that will add much excitement to the time away from school; and, of course, there will be many days of the Lighthouse being open longer hours for kids to drop in and talk or play games. And all of this happens to set the stage for ministry.

However, summer is often a time of lower financial income for YFC. Sometimes people just forget about giving to support a ministry like this amongst all the activity of vacations, graduations, and other doings. But it is only through gifts from folks like you that we can continue to reach the youth of Martin County. I hope you won’t forget us.

Yours, for the kids,

Chuck Rudolph

Martin County Area Director


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