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Three Generations of YFC

Three Generations of YFC

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Three Generations

Of YFC Ministry

- [Cassie] I thought it was cool that it went from my grandma to my mom and then to me.


- [Lori] I got involved with Youth for Christ back in the 1980s when my kids were in high school and we decided to open our home to youth for Youth for Christ, so that they would come to know Christ and find more meaning in their life and direction.


- [Heather] Last year was my first year volunteering as a driver. So in the Winter time when it's cold out, I go up there and give kids rides home.


- [Cassie] I am a student volunteer during the school year and then in the Summer I become a Summer intern. The difference that it's made in my life is knowing that I do have a good support group that is there. They just have an open heart and open ears to listen and give me the advice that I need.


- [Heather] It makes me feel wonderful as a mom to have her involved with positive people if she needs somebody to talk to other than mom or grandma, you know she can look up to those mentors or people that she trusts.


- [Cassie] It's kind of helped me grow as a person and like helped me mature a lot more.


- [Heather] Over the years, that's boosted her self esteem.


- [Lori] Her faith has grown a lot too, I can see that it has. I guess that's been an answer to my prayer too that our grandkids would get involved in some kind of program that shares the gospel.


- [Cassie] I definitely want this to be around for my kids when I get to that point. I think that it would be a good place for my kids to go and for them to experience what I experienced, what my mom experienced and what my grandma has experienced.


- [Lori] Oh, it's got to have an impact and a long-term one because anytime Christ comes into your life, He's with you, you know, He lives within you for the rest of your life if you allow Him to be there. And it's just been pretty neat how I've seen these kids in their journey, just growing in their faith. And so hopefully that'll continue to be passed on to the next generation. That's my wish and my prayer that God has used us in the past to continue on in the future.

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