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Jose's Story

Jose's Story

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Jose's Story

Current Student

It's a fun place to hang out and plus it takes off the mind the things that are happening at the house. Life was, it was okay. But there was a lot, we were not doing so good, like as a family. And there was a lot of drama happening.


But I went to The Rock and like, it would be a place that me and my sisters would take the drama that's going from home and then just give it to God. We felt like it was like a second home to us, me and my family, because back then we didn't have a lot.


The Rock provides food for us and also like Bibles and clothing. And when I go to The Rock, like you always have somebody greeting you there and always making you feel welcome. It feels overwhelming in a way. They made a really big impact in my life. They helped me so much and they were leading me to God.


So the day I decided to follow Jesus, I was in sixth grade and I was not in a good place. I was pretty depressed and I was getting bullied. So I decided to give myself to Christ. The difference feels really good. I probably wouldn't have known Christ if The Rock wasn't here.

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