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Reineir's Story

Reineir's Story

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Reineir's Story

Former Student

Someone was like, you should go to The Rock. I was like, What? The Rock? Like? There's rocks at my house. What are you talking about? That's where my life changed, big time.


I think as a kid, as a young kid, I was struggling, because I was took, I was took from my house, from my mom, by DHS. And, for so long, I was so mad. And I felt like, like in foster care or foster home, no one loved me. Like, a lot of stuff was going on in there.


And someone was like, You should go to The Rock. It's a fun place where people are always hanging out over there. That's where I felt safe. That's where I felt loved. That's where I felt like I mattered. And years and years of, you know, abuse and all that stuff. It takes a lot of time for you to trust people.


As soon as I went there, I instantly trusted everybody there. They just, they welcome you with open hands. As I was going to The Rock and going to camp and all that stuff it made me understand my worth, but also made me understand that Jesus Christ died for me and that I can be forgiven for every single sin that I've done.


He's always there for me like even when I'm struggling. I think that helped me become a better person and more caring and realize that, like I said, I have a worth, I have a purpose here.

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